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I felt like getting out of the house today, so I took kiddo out for a walk on a gravel road. Along the way, we picked up some pretty decent-sized rocks and took them back home with us for an exciting new project.

I busted out my stash of brushes and craft paints and we got to work on painting rocks for our garden.

Side note: You’ll notice on many of our projects that I’ve laid down a large, ripped piece of paper. I have a roll of newsprint end roll that was picked up from the Clay County Courier in Corning, AR.  You can get one of these rolls at any of your local newspaper printers. Some will charge you for it, some won’t. Every time I need to protect my dining room table or give kiddo and endless amount of paper to color on, I’ll rip off a big chunk of this and proceed with the project I have in mind. It makes clean up super easy, it’s recyclable, and you can even use it to make your own personalized wrapping paper in a pinch. I LOVE this stuff!

Back to the project. We didn’t do anything special with the rocks before we painted them aside from cleaning them off and letting them dry fully.

Kiddo had a blast with hers and mixed a ridiculous amount of paint together. It’s ok. I wasn’t using it. I didn’t cringe. I made a few of my own, too, and may have even stayed up late into the night to get them perfect because that’s how I roll.

Check these beauties out! Yeah, that’s right. I made a shameless plug for this awesome company I work for. 😊 Co-workers, if you’re reading this — I love you. I miss you. What’s the latest thing you’ve been bingeing on Netflix? I’m out of things to watch.

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