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Ok, so when we were asked to start wearing masks in public, Kiddo wasn’t so keen on the idea. As a matter of fact, she down right HATED it. So, her father and I got the bright idea to make one for her lovey and hopefully get her to jump on the bandwagon.

For those who are concerned, neither of us are keen on the idea of taking her out to a store, but sometimes, keeping her out of public spaces is unavoidable. This happens as little as possible, and in the event that it does, we’ve got her and her teddy bear covered and protected.

The pattern wasn’t a difficult one to create. I used the Small Kids (ages 3-6) version from a pattern I found on and cut off the seam allowance to make the mask small enough for this little lovey to wear. Once I sewed it up according to the blog’s directions, I added some old elastic that I had left over in my sewing kit from making wedding garters for a friend, and BOOM! Lovey face mask.

Despite my best efforts, Kiddo still HATES it.

Oh, well. Can’t blame a mom for trying.

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