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No matter what restrictions are in place or how much you try to isolate yourself, there’s one thing that will always get past you – you can’t keep a Nana away from her grandbaby even if you try.

My mom is the cream of the crop when it comes to being a grandmother. She’s heavily involved; always offers up help when Kiddo is sick or out of school; teaches Kiddo about art, cooking, and gardening; offers up hugs like they’re going out of style (maybe they are literally out of style these days); and always has a fun activity for her and Kiddo to do together while they visit.

While she’s an excellent grandmother, she’s an even better mother. Kiddo and I both love her to the moon and back, and we absolutely missed her. So, we invited her over for dinner and a visit.

After our meal, Mom watched Kiddo for a little bit while I went out to get groceries and then decided to treat us both to ice cream.

When we returned home, Mom and Hattie decided to play checkers together. I love this for a number of reasons:

  1. I always enjoy watching Mom and Kiddo interact with each other. They’re the same person in almost every way imaginable — from their looks to their whip-smart sense of humor. It’s like watching Mom interact with herself.

  2. In addition to working on her dexterity, Kiddo is soaking up information on how to build strategy as Mom gives out hints on how she should make her next move.
  3. I played this game with my grandfather a lot when I was her age. It bought back sweet memories.

In an age of Pinterest and near perfect moms, it’s always important to remember the simple things. Just sit back and enjoy each other’s company. The dishes can be done tomorrow, the laundry might just decide the fold itself, and the world will still turn.

What are some of your favorite memories from your childhood that you’d like to share with your kids?

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