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One of my favorite memories of visiting my Nanny Peggy’s house was when she would fill her sink up with water and let me play in it and pretend I was cooking. She would hand me little bowls, a few utensils, and little red-handled eggbeater. It was a blast!

I would get to work in my section of the kitchen while Nanny either talked to my mom or went about cooking a meal for her family.

Side note: To this day, I still love the smell of food dredged in cornmeal frying on a gas stove. It instantly takes me back to her kitchen.

Today, I was trying to get my own meal cooked while kiddo was under foot. She had been especially needing attention that day and wanted to be close. I understood. So, I did the same thing for her that my grandmother did for me. That way she could be in the kitchen with me but didn’t run the risk of one of us getting burned or me getting tripped.

“Oh, yes. I’m the chef. I’m a great chef. I’m making spaghetti. Would you like some spaghetti? Good. That’s what I’m making,” she would mutter to herself as she poured water from one cup to the next.

She played and played and played until dinner was ready.  Easy distraction for the win! Will your dish soap be wasted? Yes. Will water get on your counters and floors? Yes. Will your child have fun pretending to be a chef and build a memory that will last them a lifetime? Also, yes.

I also managed to get a picture of her posing the same I did when I was her age. Check it out in the picture below.

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