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Grow your staff with a custom written employee recruitment campaign from Jonesboro Radio Group’s Recruitment and Retention Division.

We created this effort focused on recruiting and retaining employees because we kept hearing over and over from local employers that finding and keeping employees is their number one problem.

In the current hiring climate, you don’t pick the candidate, the job candidate picks you. You need to reach out to them and tell them why your business would be a place they would want to work.

There’s no better way to break through their busy daily lives than with broadcast radio. We also offer digital advertising to target the exact people you want to reach.

Give us a chance. Put us to work. Get the help you need.

Our Account Executives

Tim Smith
Sr. Account Executive

O: (870) 933-8800 x123

M:  (870) 476-0233

Mike Dickerson
Account Executive

O: (870) 933-8800 x136

M: (870) 476-1907

Liz Davis
Account Executive

O: (870) 933-8800 x139

M: (870) 816-5212

Josh Wilcoxson
Account Executive

O: (870) 933-8800 x111

M: (573) 717-6052

Josh Braswell
Account Executive

O: (870) 933-8800 x125

M: (870) 316-8702

Sales Management

Trey Stafford
General Manager

O: (870) 933-8800 x112

Christie Matthews
Station Manager
General Sales Manager

O: (870) 933-8800 x124

Amy Geswein
Digital Director

O: (870) 933-8800 x144