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Jonesboro Strong
Jonesboro High School Cheerleaders pose for photo during parade. (Source: Phillip Poston)

In Jonesboro, we support our neighbors. We stand up and lend a hand, even when it’s hard. Our resiliency has been tested time and again – through floods, tornados, military deployments, and now a public health crisis. It’s never easy. But we always pull through. Together.

Now is the time to rise up once more and say ‘We are Jonesboro Strong’. We will support our local businesses, in the safest way possible. We will encourage those around us, sharing the good and calming the fear. Let’s get creative, be positive, and support local.

#JonesboroStrong is a movement to support local businesses today so they can keep their doors open tomorrow.

Arkansas now mandating face masks; here are the rules:


Face coverings are now required in all indoor environments where they a exposed to non-household membersand distancing of six (6) feet or more cannot be assured. This includes but is not limited to workplaces, retail stores, businesses, places of worship, courtrooms, jails/prisons, schools, healthcare facilties, and other people’s homes.


Face coverings are recommended in all outdoor settings where there is exposure to non-household membersm unless there exists ample space of six (6) feet or more.

At School

Children returning to school will either be required or encouraged to wear a face covering. Adults should wear face coverings to set an example for children and reinforce recommendations.


A comprehensive list of exemptions can be found on

Are you sick or worried that may have been exposed to COVID-19?

If you are sick or worried you may have been exposed to COVID-19, use St. Bernards Go for a FREE Virtual Care appointment or call the St. Bernards Hotline at 870.336.5651 or 870.336.5671. Once you are on the app/website, sign up or log in, and in the payment window,
use free coupon code, COVID, to waive the $49 visit fee.
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Support local business today so they can keep their doors open tomorrow.

Restaurant Guide

Local eateries are still open and ready to serve you. Delivery anyone?


Looking for more information on how you can help others in need? Or where to find support?

Business Owners

Join our FREE business directory. Let’s spread the word that you’re open for business.


Find your favorite small businesses and see how you can still shop local!


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